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How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Witches - La Panthère Studio

How to Choose the Perfect Gifts for Witches

These days everybody has someone in their lives who is into witchy stuff. With the holidays coming up, I implore you to resist the urge to get that coffee cup that says “I’m That Witch.” Let’s do better… come on, I’m here to help you. 

Whether they are an experienced practitioner or just starting their journey into the magical realm, you want to make their black heart go pitty-pat. And because witches love to work with the energies inherent in all things, you should have no trouble finding something that “will resonate,” as we say in the magical community.

1. Do your homework! Which witch are they?

Each person has their own unique path and practice. Before selecting a gift, take the time to understand your witchy friend’s preferences and interests. Are they drawn to herbal magic, divination, or spellcasting? By identifying their specific area of interest, you can find a gift that aligns with their practice and shows your support for their craft.

2. Magical Tools and Supplies

Witches often rely on various tools and supplies to enhance their magic. Consider gifting them items such as a beautiful set of tarot cards, crystals, incense for rituals, or a mortar and pestle for herb grinding. These tools not only serve practical purposes but also add a touch of beauty and symbolism to their magical practice.

3. Tarot or Oracle Card Decks

Tarot and oracle cards are used for divination, personal growth and self-reflection. These days most all magical practitioners collect them. And lucky for you this is our specialty! Check out The Southern Gothic Oracle for the literary witch, or Roses, Dust & Ashes for the goth witch who loves cemetery lore. Shopping for a green witch? Check out this Botanic Oracle deck filled with roots, plants and herbs.

4. Books and Knowledge

Knowledge is a powerful gift for any witch. A well-chosen book can provide inspiration, guidance, and deepen their understanding of the craft. Look for books on topics like spellcasting, herbalism, astrology, or mythology. Alternatively, consider gifting them a subscription to a metaphysical magazine like The Cartomancer, or an online course with La Panthère Studio to further their magical education. Maybe you could buy them a ticket to a tarot reading conference like STAARCON in Florida.


Witches are easy to please! Don’t like any of these suggestions? Default to a candle and fancy matches. (No witch has too many candles, ever.) Happy holidays!

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