About Us

Our Studio

La Panthère is French for "the panther." Our studio was founded with the lofty goal to create the most beautiful, most exquisite oracular products in the cosmos. Founded by artists for artist, our studio hand-picks only a small few projects a year, and then throws ourselves into their development, in order to manifest products that truly are magickal works of art.


For Creators

Do you have a tarot or oracle deck you'd like help making? Maybe you’ve decided you would prefer to be self-published because you don’t want to deal with a large company, or surrender creative control of your idea. Working with La Panthere means working with a small team of other entrepreneurs.

To submit your concept for consideration, please draft an email summarizing the proposed work to stacey@lapantherestudio.com, and include links to your existing work, if any. If you are an illustrator, please submit portfolio images of representative work.