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Let's Explore Elemental Magic

Let's Explore Elemental Magic

What is elemental magic? This energetic practice weaves threads of nature's raw energy into spells, rituals, and meditation. Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the elements—earth, air, fire, and water—people who work with elements seek to better understand the power that these forces hold over our lives.

In tarot, the four suits correspond to the four elements, and understanding the correspondences will make you a better reader. Let's dive into them.

Fire: Transformation and Passion

Fire is the element of transformation, passion, and creativity. Witches who harness fire magic seek to ignite change, spark courage, and fuel their desires. Candle magic, bonfires, and working with the energy of the sun are common practices used to tap into the fierce power of this element.

Deck recommendation for fire magic:
The Ancestral Magick Divination Kit includes a fire magic card, and Nancy Hendrickson deftly explains how it can enhance your practice.

Earth: Grounding and Stability

Earth, with its grounding energy, symbolizes stability, fertility, and abundance. Witches who work with earth magic often connect with the land, plants, and crystals, finding strength in their roots. Through rituals involving burying objects or working with soil, practitioners align themselves with the nurturing essence of the earth.

Deck recommendation for earth magic:
Monica Bodirsky's Awakening Tarot is entirely built upon the best practices of elemental magic, with a special focus on the earth element, and grounding. A truly excellent resource.

The Awakening Tarot - La Panthère Studio

Air: Intellect and Communication

Air represents intellect, communication, and clarity of thought. Witches who invoke the power of air often use visualization, incense, or feathers to channel this element's energies. Through meditation and breathwork, they seek inspiration, wisdom, and the ability to articulate their intentions with precision.


Deck recommendation for air magic:
Erika's Lenormand of Hope, authored by former English professor and Harvard grad Erika Robinson, is an intellectual diviner's dream. With her sparkling wordplay and language-driven method, Robinson presents the Lenormand in a shining new light.

*Pre-Order!* Erika's Lenormand of Hope - La Panthère Studio

Water: Emotions and Intuition

Water embodies emotions, intuition, and healing. Witches who resonate with water magic often perform rituals near bodies of water, use shells or bowls of water in their spells, and work with moon phases to enhance their intuitive abilities. By flowing with the currents of water's energy, practitioners learn to navigate their emotions and embrace their inner truths.

Deck recommendation for water magic:
The Seashell Oracle by artist team Bethany van Rijswijk and Ellen Freeman is a glorious exploration of the ocean, its creatures and shells, and magic.

Balancing the Elements

One of the key teachings of elemental magic is the importance of balance. Just as nature maintains equilibrium through the harmonious interplay of the elements, witches strive to cultivate a similar balance within themselves and their practices. By honoring the unique qualities of each element and understanding how they interact, practitioners can tap into card divination to discover messages that align with the rhythms of the natural world.


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