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Spiritual Journaling

People journal for all sorts of reasons, but the primary reason is to document their experiences. Spiritual journaling is the same, but with your spiritual practice instead of daily experiences. Let's talk about a couple of ways you can go about this!

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The most obvious type of spiritual journaling is the infamous witch's book of shadows. The book of shadows is essentially a collection of information from a witch's spiritual practice, but at its core the book of shadows is simply a collection of journal entries meant to represent an individual witch's practice. This would include everything from information on spells, symbols, meditations, etc. There's no time like the present to start compiling your book of shadows. Add everything from your elderberry syrup recipe to your favorite full moon ritual!

journal tarot divination journaling la panthere studio

Keeping a divination journal is one of the most recommended practices here at La Panthère Studio. Journaling about your daily card draw is the easiest way to track your readings, but it's also a great way to document how specific cards make you feel at that time in your life. Experience changes everything, so how a card makes you feel today may be different from how it makes you feel a month from now. Write it down! I promise you won't regret it.

You can get as hyper specific with your journals as you want - documenting dreams, moon phases, spells, meditations, daily spiritual experiences, gratitude, etc. Get creative and if you're looking for the perfect journal to get your started click here.

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