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Roses Dust & Ashes Oracle Deck on a floral cloth with dried rose petals

Send Flowers: Using Divination as a Balm for Hard Times

For many, divination is synonymous for fortune telling, but there are so many facets to divination that give it depth and allow it to be more than just a glimpse into the future. The fortunes being told via cards (or other methods) relay more than just what the future holds, but also what haunts us from the past and what plagues us in the present.

For my personal readings, the things I tend to need the most help with are things that have bothered me for years and will probably continue to bother me due to their nature. The number one issue that repeatedly comes up in my personal readings is grief. Grief comes in many forms whether it's the loss of a loved one or missed opportunity. There are so many different ways for grief to haunt us and it makes sense that these things would appear in a reading.

My whole point in bringing this up is really just to say that divination can tell us the full picture of what is going on in our lives, not just what the future holds. Our everyday worries and concerns are equally as worthy of a reading as the big things. Are you struggling to grasp the weight of political decisions and want to know how they can or are currently affecting you? Do a reading. Do you have difficulty staying organized and aren't sure what to do or where to turn? Do a reading. Whatever the problem is, your cards can help you.

Decks for What Ails You:

The Southern Gothic Oracle - La Panthère Studio

The Southern Gothic Oracle is my go-to deck for everything because it is relatable. If I don't really know what is going on or what deck to use, I lean on The Southern Gothic Oracle. Along the same vein, but appealing more to the nature lover would by The Southern Botanic Oracle.

The Southern Botanic Oracle - La Panthère Studio

While Roses, Dust, & Ashes covers a range of emotions outside of grief, I find myself using it when grief is on my mind. Think about your favorite decks and what they show you. Next time you're in need of comfort or are struggling with something in your life, reach for those cards and know they hold all the answers.

 Roses, Dust & Ashes Oracle - La Panthère Studio


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