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water flowing through a forest in portland oregon

The Ways of Water Magic

Bridal veil falls water fall portland oregon la panthere studio

It's summer time and it sure is hot, so what better time to delve into the depths of water magic? Back in April, Stacey wrote a blog on elemental magic, but let's take a closer look at water magic and some easy ways you can incorporate it into your practice.

"Water embodies emotions, intuition, and healing," Stacey said in her blog Let's Explore Elemental Magic. Water is also associated with the moon, feminine energy, and coolness. As I'm writing this, it is 96 degrees here in Tallahassee and it's only getting hotter, so the coolness of water magic is exactly what I'm looking for to combat the heat!

Here's a list of activities you can do to invoke the element of water:


  1. Go for a swim. It might seem obvious, but taking a dip in a natural body of water is one of the easiest ways to perform water magic. As you swim, envision the water physically washing away energetic impurities, leaving you cleansed and ready to take on the world. Floating along with the current can also teach you to go with the flow, an important element in life that often goes overlooked. If you don't have access to a natural body of water, a swimming pool will do. You can also perform this exercise in a bathtub or shower.
  2. Drink lots of water. Again, this is obvious, but drinking water helps flush out impurities in the body and staying hydrated helps keep the elements within you in balance. Similar to the exercise above, envision that every sip of water you take is flushing out negative energy, leaving you cleansed and healed.
  3. Work on your divination skills. Tapping into your intuition via divination is particularly helpful, especially if you use a deck centered around the elements. If you're looking for a water themed deck, check out The Seashell OracleIf you want something a little broader to balance all the elements, give The Awakening Tarot a go.
  4. Take a moon bath. Take your cards out of doors and soak up the moon's light! The moon carries the energy of water and can enhance your readings or generally help you feel at ease. I like to take a blanket outside and just bask in the moonlight, allowing it to cleanse and heal me of whatever is ailing me at the time. Similarly, you can also go on a moonlit walk. Just remember to always be aware of your surroundings!

I hope you've found these super simple ways of incorporating water into your life useful. Sometimes, if you do the most obvious actions with intention, they can make a world of difference. Go forth and make a splash!

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